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Some Time

Just finished reading Cal Newport's Digital Minimalism. There's a lot of good stuff to process there, which I'll be doing in due course, but one of the more urgent insights for me is how we've been steadily replacing direct human conversation with device-mediated connections. Tweets and check-ins in place of actually catching up and having a conversation.

You know, in real life?

In the spirit of this, and in recognition of the number of times in the last two years I've cut short a brief conversation with "we should catch up for a proper chat some time", here's an idea:

Starting Thursday 26th September, 2019, and then Thursdays every fortnight till further notice, I'll be sitting with a book in The Brauhaus, Edinburgh, between 7 and 9pm. If you can make it, come and chat. If nothing else, I'll ramble on about whatever book I've brought.

If not, no worries – there will always be next time.