Relative Sanity

a journal


So I just spent a fair chunk of today coding on my iPad. Not hacking around on a production server or anything like that (which I have done in the past as a last resort) — no, actually cutting Ruby code via my iPad, in a sane development environment, adding specs, implementing features, previewing directly on my iPad in Safari by running the app in development, and then pushing to production.

This feels very much like the last piece of the puzzle for me in my transition to full time iPad for getting work done. If this continues I may well be selling up my MacBook Pro in the near future. Maybe I'll keep it around for my future museum. Who knows?

What I do know is that, over the coming weeks, I'll be cranking out some articles here on how I've moved job after job over to the iPad (along with some explanations on why I've done this, and some thoughts on what it all "means" for the future).

Who knows, I might even write up how I'm using OmniFocus these days (after a brief flirtation with Things… shh, don't tell anyone).